A different type of Food Ingredients company, specializing in bakery and meat analogs

Supplant Foods is an innovator, with a specialty in sourcing, processing and marketing high-quality, vegan food ingredients. We develop and offer functional, cost-effective, sustainable products that integrate into our customers goals to develop new concepts and products that are good for people and the world around.

We pride ourselves in our network of global strategic partnerships, both technical and commercial; Our partners are some of the world’s most celebrated formulators and scientists, in addition to the most forward-thinking and progressive commercial partners that bring our products to a wide range of companies.

Our strategic presence in India gives us access to incredible raw material feedstock, which, combined with low-cost quality manufacturing and our technical collaborations, allows us to produce affordable world class ingredients for the world.

This role of formulator, manufacturer and international ingredient supplier is how we believe in creating long-term sustained value for our clients.

Leadership Team

Chirag spends much of his time on the road, connecting with customers, identifying their needs, ideating and developing alliances where he applies his expertise in bakery and meat analog formulation, and also his degree in Materials Science. In addition to his work, Chirag enjoys adventurous travel, sports and deep philosophical conversations. Chirag completed his degree at Northwestern University, and Management at the Kellogg School of Management.
- Chirag Sabunani (Commercial Director)
Paresh spends much of his time in innovation and developing different ingredients from existing sources.
He enjoys reading scientific articles and exploring the new and upcoming. This fuels his passion to then develop novel applications for existing ingredients or novel ingredients for existing applications.
Paresh has a Pharmacy background, which he applies as a technical director in his legacy family food business, which he has been part of for over 18 years. Paresh brings this experience, his relationships and the ability to get great things done in India to Supplant Foods.
- Paresh Shah

Our Mission & Values


To develop and supply cost-effective, world-class ingredients that solve true consumer needs and lead to a future of nutritious and delicious vegan food.

Core Values

  • Our customers and their end users are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Sustainable value is created by innovating and offering great value to customers through great product and prices
  • There is no such thing as waste- all components of ingredients are useful, its about finding the right market/outlet