Flavorless, Cost-effective, non-allergenic, Functional, proteins

Supplant is in advanced stages of development of cost-effective proteins that will be functional, non allergenic. As the global movement towards plant-based protein accelerates there is a global need for well priced functional proteins and Supplant has identified and is developing these from feedstocks in India.

For us the properties we judge our proteins on are as follows:

  • Functional:

    Foaming, Emulsification, Solubility, Gelling

  • Nutritional

    Through the Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) for humans, the measure to evaluate how much protein is absorbed by the body and how much goes waste.

  • Practical

    Taste, Access to sufficient feedstocks over the long term, Cost.

    Our goal is to ensure that we supersede the available vegetarian and non-vegetarian options in all these parameters mentioned above.