A Neutral-tasting, Functional, Non-Allergenic superfood flour

Supplant's Amarath Flour is considered a ‘good’ source of vitamins, minerals and protein, in addition to being low in fat. Furthermore, unlike most Amaranth, Supplant's Amaranth has been processed to be flavorless, thereby enabling its application in a wide range of products.

With versatile functionality similar to gluten, Supplant's Amaranth Flour is non-allergenic and also helps get other allergens out by maintaining integrity and mouthfeel in gluten-free, dairy-free and eggless formulations.

It is highly useful in gluten-free products, where its nutritive and functional properties contribute to winning gluten-free pastas, leavened bread, flatbreads, pastries and also in plant-based meat analogs.

Utility and uniqueness

  • Flavourless
  • Good protein source (>??%)
  • Superfine particle size
  • “White” colour
  • Good oil & water binding
  • Non-GMO, non-allergenic